Monday, July 28, 2008


I have officially had too much coffee! I went to the Koffee Kat with my mom and now I'm all jittery and sweating. I'm downing water to try to chill out dude. J and I switched to that 1/2 caff stuff, so the real thing really gets me now! Woah.

My mind is racing. I feel like doing a million things at once. I've been thinking about ghoulish things ever since this morning being at the cemetery. My mom knows someone on the planning committee of the cemetery mentioned in the previous post, so I'm gonna get to the bottom of the barb wire thing. My mom's guess was that it used to be to keep cows out before the area was very populated.

My sister gave me this awesome book for my birthday. It's all about vampires, ghosts, and monsters. It's a lot of fun to look through! Also, I found a fun website that has various listings for New York state haunted hot spots: . I want to try and find the place on the Air Base where there's a cemetery and an old crematorium. Anyone interested??


carlovely said...

yes. yes yes yes. sorry i never got back to you. we should hit the base sometime's great. i'm sure sean would totally be down too.

Anonymous said...

Oh this sounds neat! I wonder where it is. Let me know if you find it!